Rabbitat (2002–2007)

An interactive video broadcast exploring rabbit behavior/culture.

Rabbits—frequently misunderstood and underestimated—are incredibly intelligent and emotional creatures. Rabbitat provided an intimate glimpse into their life via a large physical habitat and several webcams placed at “rabbit-level.”

The website featured a highlight gallery comprised of snapshots and short films captured by visitors. Eventually, it also became possible to remotely interact with the rabbits. Ramps could be raised/lowered and enrichment objects could be activated. Several sensors monitored their food and water levels, and, when low enough, a visitor could activate robotic feeders.

A proposed Rabbitat Phase 2 was drafted after the first phase concluded. At its core, the follow-up would capture several layers of environmental data to complement the video recordings. These data streams would be publicly accessible for advanced behavioral analysis and to encourage remix culture. There are no current plans to execute on this concept, but I am still interested if/when the opportunity arises.