Daniel Rehn ↬

Hi! I'm an interdisciplinary director/producer/curator with an emphasis on experimental interactivity, computing and the arts, network culture, and media studies.

I currently provide creative direction for film, television, and digital projects. I also oversee Soft Detours, a computing culture studio that re-traces the history of software-based creativity and online culture. Our most notable project to date is WWWTXT, a selection of real conversations from the early Internet (1980–95) that reveal paths not taken while also foreshadowing contemporary issues.

Previously, I co-directed New Tropics, a VR platform offering an endless stream of short-form, interactive experiences. From 2003–12, I was a researcher at Calit2 and San Diego Supercomputer Center. Notable projects included: visualizing and analyzing time-based media, designing earthquake engineering systems, and leading efforts to expand videogames as a creative medium through a game archaeology lab and a MacArthur Foundation-awarded nonprofit.

I received my MFA in Visual Arts from UCSD in 2012. And long before any of this—from 1989–94—I operated a Bulletin Board System that provided access to digital art and music packs, demoscene software, and computer aesthetics discussions.

I live in Los Angeles and I'm available for collaborations as well as exhibition and speaking opportunties. Hit me up!