Z/Z/Z/ (2010–)

Cinema and games reinterpreted through time-based visualization.

Z/Z/Z/ describes the dimensions of cultural artifacts that are difficult to explain using natural language. We use visualization techniques with trial-and-error methodologies to explore individual cultural artifacts (e.g. a scene of animation) as well as larger cultural data sets (e.g. a director's filmography ).

Our primary goals for visualizing culture are:

  • aesthetic production—to create new work from existing works
  • providing better descriptions of cultural artifacts than language alone
  • to analytically and heuristically reveal previously unseen cultural patterns
  • better representing the complexity, diversity, variability, and uniqueness found in animation, cinema, and video games

The origins of this project trace back to experiments conducted with Jeremy Douglass in 2008–10 at Lev Manovich's Software Studies lab. Our shared media-history obsession, visualization expertise, and need to solve problems with code resulted in the alpha-base of this project.