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Daniel Rehn is an artist, researcher, and archivist. His work engages the history of electronic art and network culture.

As cofounder/CEO of New Tropics, he's exploring how VR can connect people like never before through surreal, unforgettable experiences.

He also directs Soft Detours, a media archaeology studio that re-traces the origins of creative computing and user culture. Most notably, through WWWTXT, which revisits the conversations of early online communities (1980–94) and reveal paths not taken while also foreshadowing contemporary issues.

From 2004–12, he was a researcher at Calit2 and San Diego Supercomputer Center. Together with Lev Manovich and Jeremy Douglass, he pioneered cultural analtyics—the visualization and algorithmic understanding of time-based media. He also designed earthquake engineering systems for the National Science Foundation, led efforts to expand videogames as a creative medium (Re:Game, Playpower), and helped launch the Center for Design and Geopolitics.

And long before any of this, from 1989–95, he operated a BBS that provided access to digital art packs, demoscene software, and computer aesthetics discussions. It was the beginning of a life-long journey.

Rehn holds an MFA in Visual Arts from UCSD.